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Vintage Video Clip: a young Steven Spielberg offers his opinion of the even younger Howard Scott Warshaw. A true piece of classic ATARI history.
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Take the ride with the folks who made it happen. Walk on walls, smoke the evil weed, and plunge head first into the uncharted (undocumented) world that was game production back in the bad old days.



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the LA Times
"...A candid look at the golden age of video game development from the people who, by their own admission, barely survived it."

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Once Upon ATARI is now available in digital download from GOG.COM. The DVDs are still available as always, but if you prefer your video in bits only, just follow this link.

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Don't touch that dial! Or at least tune into NPR during August when you may catch Howard proudly pontificating (yet again) on the wondrous disaster that was ET. We will keep you posted as soon as we have more details.

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Howard Scott Warshaw

Only Once Upon ATARI brings you the inside story of Atari exclusively from the people who worked there and made the games. People like me.

Nolan Bushnell

Oh yeah. There is one person interviewed who did not work exclusively in the VCS department. That is Nolan Bushnell, ATARI co-founder and the man recognized as the "father of the video game business."

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