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Just a Few Reviews of Episode 4: The Agony & The Ecstacy 


"If the word 'Atari' still can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, send in your money ASAP - you won't be disappointed."
-- Next Generation Magazine, issue #40

"I love it!!!  Exactly the type of stories I've been wanting to hear.  Great job on the video."
--  Glenn Bruner, USA 

"The production is very good, obviously the work of a professional . . . from a gamer's perspective, someone who feels like they 'grew up' with the people on this video, this gets a thumbs up."
--  Digital Press, issue #33

"I got the tape last week (looked it at the same evening) and I have to tell you that you have done a great job. I have enjoyed it very much, especially the part of Rob Fulop talking about the Space Invaders-designer. (Please do not censor the tapes)"
--  Marc Oberhauser, Germany

"It's an entertaining, educational, and most importantly, REAL glimpse of what happened at good ol' Atari."
--  Scott Crawford, Electronicon

"Any 2600 fanatic will love it and crave more."
--  The 2600 Connection, issue #45

 "...getting the privileged inside track on a subject that has fascinated me for a long time . . .  made me feel, for the space of the video, that I too was sharing in this complex and ultra-cool industry, in the exciting early phases".
--  Mary Beth Gray, California

"Comments and anecdotes by ex-Atari employees like Rob Fulop , Larry Kaplan and Tod Frye (in Pac-man T-shirt), make this a unique experience to watch in the comfort of your own messy home theatre (that TV-set surrounded by a dozen systems and stackloads of carts)."
--  Dr. Deleto, The Netherlands

"It was great to see and hear all the programmers talk about their creations and to put faces to all the names I've seen in print."
-- Tim Roach, USA



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