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The second installment of RGR's Shane Monroe, interview of Howard at the 2003 CGE on this month's Retrogaming Radio--Modern Radio ... For Classic Gamers.

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Editorial: How far can you take 'value add' without spoiling the original?

Interview: Bill Kunkel, Howard Scott Warshaw

Flashback: MegaMan (NES)

Product Review: Namco 5 in 1

This episode we feature part two interviews with Bill Kunkel and Howard Scott Warshaw as well as a our regular rant; plus we feature a mini-review of MegaMan on the NES, a mini-review of the Namco 5 in 1 game controller, talk about The Beatles suing Apple Computers, and of course, tons more!

Retrogaming Radio--Modern Radio ... For Classic Gamers.








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