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The Warshaw Awards 2003
December 19, 2003 by: Jason Bergman (loonyboi)

"Although I love this industry to death, it seems like every year, someone, whether it's a single individual, publisher, or developer, stumbles. Hey, it happens to everyone. So, with my tongue firmly in my cheek, I'm proud to present the Warshaw Awards for 2003.

Before I get to the awards themselves, a few words about the person these awards are named after. Howard Scott Warshaw was one of the great developers back in the Atari days. He was the author of two excellent titles: Raiders of the Lost Ark and the classic Yar's Revenge. Sadly, he's mostly remembered for his third game: E.T. for the Atari 2600. Yes, Scott Warshaw, is the author of the game that is considered by many to be the worst of all time. Some people even blame E.T. for single handedly causing the industry crash that followed its release (although that's a serious exaggeration as far as I'm concerned). Just like Howard, there were plenty of bad moves made this year. Here's a list (which is no doubt far from complete) of some of the worst missteps of the year."

Read 'em and weep!


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