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RGR's Shane Monroe, interviews Howard at the 2003 CGE on this month's Retrogaming Radio--Modern Radio ... For Classic Gamers.

Get the real scoop on the Yars easter eggs. Be the only kid on the block who knows who flew on Speilberg's Lear Jet. Find out what happened when a thousand monkeys programmed for a thousand hours... oops.. sorry, wrong interview. Seriously, this is the real deal. Finally an interviewer who knows to ask more than the usual ET questions!

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Editorial: Stop Paying Companies to Keep Games From Shane Monroe

Interview: Howard Scott Warshaw / Bill Kunkel

Product Review: TRON 2.0

"The new season is here! Get full Classic Gaming Expo 2003 information along with interviews with Howard Scott Warshaw and Bill Kunkel, our rant about paying off companies to keep games off the PC, our usual Bits & Bytes, CGE 2003 recap, and a review of the new game TRON2.0 - hey, TRON is about as retro as it comes .. let's see how he fares in 2003. All this and much more await you ..."

Retrogaming Radio--Modern Radio ... For Classic Gamers.








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