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The multi-talented Howard Scott Warshaw is probably best known for his exploits in the early days of the video game industry, but he went on to excel in professional photography and videography, industrial robotics, and teaching. He has authored two documentaries featured on PBS, written a few books, and will surprise us any day now by falling into some new success.

While he produced the highly successful Yar's Revenge (Atari's biggest selling original game) and Raiders of the Lost Ark, he's immortalized in the annals of videogame history as the guy who made E.T., a game so disappointing that it's been credited as the impetus for the great videogame crash and the near-death of the industry in the mid-'80s.

Photo by Dave Staugas

Hi. I'm Howard Scott Warshaw. I made several games for ATARI including Yars Revenge and E.T. That's me in the picture handing a personalized copy of my second game, Raiders of the Lost Ark to Steven Spielberg in one of the greatest moments of my life. Many of my great moments can be traced back to the ATARI days.

Atari was an AMAZING place to be, and no one has ever told the story. So I became a video producer to tell this story. Everyone interviewed in this tape worked at Atari during the late 70's and early 80's, the BIG times at Atari. You will hear everything that really happened in the words of the people who made it happen.



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