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Conquering College

I'm a  fun guy, who figured out how to ACE college on my own terms. Now you can learn from me. Try it! Click it! Read Chapter One. My guarantee: you will laugh out loud at least twice and learn several things you did not know before or your money back. After thousands of copies, no one has returned it yet. Eighth graders to post graduates like it and use it. It isn't just for school.

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The Complete Book of PAN 

Pan BookPAN is a gambling card game similar to 500 rummy. I have always loved card games, particularly those where the outcome may have financial implications. In the late 80's I started "Conquering College,"  but thought it best to make that my second book.  I was playing PAN at the time and noticed books on PAN were few, and good ones fewer. So I studied the game first hand (so to speak), and made this my first book. The Gambler's Book Club in Las Vegas reviewed it, calling it "The best book on PAN."
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