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Episode 1: House of Video Games

Do you have a job? If so, you know what it means to go to work each day. Take a moment. Think about what your job is like. Think about what your workplace is like. Think about your coworkers. Then watch this episode.

Hear about "the sprinkler labotomy," the day we flew the frog, and the R&D whip. Hear about the celebrities, the excesses and the nervous breakdowns.

You will see what a working place could be like. You will see what "wild and crazy" coworkers could mean. You will see the single most amazing work environment there ever was. More fun, more interesting work, more stimulating people, and more money flying around than anyplace you've ever seen. You will never look at a workplace the same way again.

The first installment deals with what life was like working on VCS video games. You will hear all about ATARI from the characters who were there; the practical jokes and the eccentricities that made our department the most enjoyable place to work we've ever experienced.

Produced entirely in DIGITAL VIDEO, start to finish.





Episode 2: The Enemy Within

Want to hear Nolan Bushnell talk about how "dumb marketing people" irritate engineers with requests to "violate the laws of physics?" Want to hear it in those words?

The various arms of a company (marketing, engineering, management, etc.) should work in concert to create a harmonious symphony of profitable business performance. But sometimes the cellist thinks the brass section sucks. Maybe the conductor feels a percussionist isn't up to snuff. Sometimes the whole orchestra erupts into a huge brawl.

This was more the ATARI style symphony. The friction between engineering and their counterparts in marketing and management was legendary. You may witness conflicts like these in your company, but do they wind up costing you over one billion dollars? They did at ATARI.

This is a "gloves-off" episode about how the people in the VCS (home games) department viewed, and  were viewed by, other arms of the company. It exposes tremendously unhealthy inter-departmental attitudes which may have contributed significantly to ATARI's fall from the top.

You will learn a lot about the darker side of an excessive and perverse environment. Fascinating insights into corporate dynamics and in-fighting. Not for the squeamish.

There is a classic style "Howard Scott Warshaw" signature in this episode.

Produced entirely in DIGITAL VIDEO, start to finish.



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